The Tax Disclosure Project

The Tax Disclosure Project has been archived.

Contact us if you'd like to explore the database.

We are an international network of leading investigative journalists with work published in prestigious media outlets around the world. We are determined to hold politicians to account and to help restore public trust in them.

As a first stage, we are contacting thousands of politicians in different countries to request they publish details of their personal tax records.

Today, only a handful of countries including Finland, Norway, Pakistan and Sweden require legislators to publicly disclose their taxes.

Now President Donald Trump is breaking with decades of US precedent by refusing to publish his tax affairs.

It is only fair that ordinary people ask, “What have they got to hide?”

Our new Tax Disclosure Project aims to change this.

How it works

We the journalists will fire off the questions and, via this site, you the public will be able to see who has been contacted and who has replied…and who hasn’t.

Once a politician provides details of their tax returns we will add it to our database and publish it for all to see.

The journalists taking part in the project have all been trained by or worked with Finance Uncovered, a London-based, non-profit training and reporting organisation that focuses on illicit finance.